Hello! We’re Joe’s men!

Founded by Mr. Joe K.C. Liao in 1993, Joesmen International Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based industrial keyboard manufacturer and related products provider. All Joesmen’s products are customized to fulfill each client’s special requirement. With 20 years OEM experience, Joesmen has successfully built up the solid bridge between design ideas and workable production. We take pride in our ability to offer constructive design consultancy, high quality manufacturing and reliable customer support via integrating different suppliers’ specialties.


Majorly in Europe and the United States, Joesmen has prosperously supported more than 100 clients from manufacturing, medical, military, automotive and aerospace industry.

Core Values


Integrity is our key value. Joesmen would only speak and act based on truth and experiences. We offer realistic suggestion and do our best to keep promises.


Joesmen emphasizes the importance of communication as respecting the difficulty to express professional ideas correctly between different languages and cultures.


Joesmen values all its suppliers and clients as partners. We build up longterm relationship and treat your projects as our most important business.

Sales Revenue (USD/ MILLION)

Basic information

Company: Joesmen International Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1993

Manager: Joe K.C. Liao

Capital: USD 300,000.-

VAT NO.: 8449 3443